Anomalous Press

After weeks of not sleeping, or eating, or really doing much of anything other than this, it’s finally here and ready and shiny and new. Anomalous Press, my new literary journal, launched this morning!

What do Nancy Reagan and Mr. T have in common? How about Venantius Fortunatus and Sarah Jessica Parker? The answer to these burning questions, and more, at Anomalous Press.

It’s pretty awesome. My husband and I built the site from scratch (despite being sorely tempted to use a wordpress template, we ultimately decided to sacrifice some ease for lots of style). It is the launch-pad for this multi-modal literary experience. The entire issue is available online, with streaming audio. It’s also downloadable as a PDF, MP3, ePub and Kindle file. We worked hard, and I learned a ton, which will be the seed for a few upcoming posts on 21st century publishing. It was awesome.

And the best part is the awesomeness is just beginning. Seriously, some of this writing makes my head swim with amazement.

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