Developmental & Stylistic Editing

Dozens of books for major publishers. Specializing in translated literature, literary fiction and nonfiction, textbooks, dissertations, and poetry.

Copyediting & Proofreading

Dozens of books for major publishers. Specializing in literary texts, textbooks, legal texts.

Cultural Sensitivity Reads & Beta Reads

Dozens of books for major publishers. Specializing in literary texts, fiction, romance, mystery, fantasy, and nonfiction. Areas of expertise: Class, Culture, Disability, Ethnicity and race, Gender, Immigrant issues, Indigenous cultures, LGBTQ+, Misogyny, Neurodiversity (mental health), Poverty and other socioeconomic sensitivities (e.g. homelessness), Sexual abuse, Tokenism, Trauma, and others.

Developmental Editing Selected Titles


Other publishers:

  • Gore Capitalism (MIT Press) by Sayak Valencia, translated by J.P. Pluecker

Selected Books Copy Edited

  • From Idea to Essay: A Rhetoric, Reader, and Handbook, 13e by Jo Ray McCuen-Metherell & Anthony C. Winkler (Wadsworth Publishing, 2012)
  • The Militant Kurds: A Dual Strategy for Freedom by Vera Eccarius-Kelly (Praeger, 2011)
  • FOCUS on Community College Success, 2e by Constance Staley (Wadsworth Publishing, 2012)
  • Criminal Evidence, 7e by Judy Hails (Cengage Learning, 2013)
  • The Art of Thinking: A Guide to Critical and Creative Thought, 10e by Vincent R. Ruggiero (Longman, 2011)
  • Major Problems in American Religious History, 2/e by Patrick Allitt (Cengage Learning, 2012)
  • Voices of Wisdom: A Multicultural Philosophy Reader, 8e by Gary Kessler (Cengage Learning, 2012)
  • Sports Law by Adam Epstein (Cengage Learning, 2013)
  • Assessing Teaching and Learning in Psychology: Current and Future Perspectives, 1e by Dana S. Dunn, Suzanne C. Baker, Chandra M. Mehrotra, R. Eric Landrum, Maureen A. McCarthy (Cengage Learning, 2012)