Mateo Morrison (DR Books #2)

Ojos de madre, vientos de guerra by Mateo Morrison.

Mateo Morrison (1946-) is a poet-lawyer who upholds the tradition of advocacy in his work. He’s published 36 books of poetry, criticism and essays. In 2010 he was awarded the National Literature Prize, which is the most significant literary prize in the Dominican Republic. He’s incredibly prolific, and clearly indebted to Neruda in his work.

This book is written for the 45th anniversary of the revolution in April 1965 which led to the U.S. occupation of the Dominican Republic. It is not really poetry, but neither is it criticism, history nor fiction. It’s a long, single prose piece with black and white drawings interspersed, in somewhat of a children’s story mode, but it certainly isn’t meant for children. I sort of wish I’d gotten this plus another book of his poetry, something perhaps more representative of his lyrical style, but there’s always next time.

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