Franklin Mieses Burgos (DR Books #3)

Obras Completas by Franklin Mieses Burgos. Colección Bibliófilos, 2000.

Franklin Mieses Burgos (1907-1976) was a member of the literary movement “Poesía Soprendida” (lit. “Surprised Poetry”); strongly surrealist and simultaneously anti-dictatorial. A critic describes his work as characterized by profound lyricism, at times existential, at times political, and almost always surreal. It falls into three categories: the hermetic (strongly surreal), the formal and classic sonnets, and the popular. The critic believes the surreal work to be his best. He is considered by many to be the premiere lyrical poet of the Dominican Republic. He published fifteen books of poetry and a play, along with essays and various works of criticism.

His work fits squarely within the Latin American modernismo, though his work moves towards posmodernismo and is indebted to vanguardismo. His themes and conceits are often Greek in his earlier work, and become popular in the later work. This is a massive oeuvre with some great critical introductory essays that I’m excited to dive into.

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