Freddy Gatón Arce (DR Books #4)

La canción de la hetera by Freddy Gatón Arce. Editora Taller, 1992.

Freddy Gatón Arce (1920-1994) is a founding member of “Poesía Soprendida,” poet and journalist. He’s won just about every major literary award in the Dominican, his work is the subject of much critical study across Latin America. As far as I can tell his work is wholly unavailable in English.

This book is a slim, non-representative volume, but they didn’t have his complete works which I’m still trying to track down. This looks like prose poetry to me, it’s certainly short prose pieces. I’m not quite sure what to make of it, though I am intrigued by it. Its certainly hermetic, somewhat surreal, dense and lyrical. Unclear whether he works primarily in prose as a poetic form, since his “Vlía” (an ‘essential text in Dominican literature’) is also in prose.

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