José Enrique García (DR Books #1)

El fabulador: Poesía reunida, 1977-2002 by José Enrique García.

A good sign for me that I’m interested in a book is if I immediately start coming up with possible translations in my head as I’m reading it. And that happened for me with the title of this anthology, which is also the title of García’s second book which won a significant poetry prize. I want to translate it “The Fabulator” though I recognize that “Fabulist” is the literal word. I have reasons, but they’re irrelevant right now.

José Enrique García (1948-) won the Siboney prize for poetry for his second book, El fabulador (1980) and the Premio Nacional de Poesía for Recodo (2000). He’s published six books of poetry, five books of fiction (one of which won him the Premio Nacional de Novela and another the Children’s Literature National Prize, both in 2001). He’s considered one of the most important poets of his generation (the 70s), and one of the “fundamental voices of contemporary Dominican literature.” As far as I can tell his work is not available in English.

I’m especially interested in the title work, a book-length poem in sequence that deals with the poets obligation to “dream for myself and others”. The final book, Recodo, is also included and looks very interesting.

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