Zombie Issues & Rolling Releases

I wrote a guest-blog entry about Anomalous for Write By Night:

After discussing different approaches with the editors, luckily some of whom have online journal publishing experience, we decided to try what we’re calling “rolling releases.” Issue #2 was shaping up to be a monster issue (and it is; the pdf is over 100 pages long!!) and so we decided to sort of parse the writing out over the “life” of the issue. I’m using “life” in quotes because since it’s digital, it’s never out of print, and therefore always alive. Immortal. Or a zombie…

The question for me is, is that a good plan? Does it make sense to launch the issue as a whole, and then highlight individual pieces in sections over the course of the issue’s life? As a reader, would you sign up for those emails/tweets? Would it be annoying to get a brief commentary on a few pieces every other week from one of our editors? What about as an author?

And what about other editors out there in the digital world? How do you keep interest in your site in the “dead” space between issues? Or is that an issue at all?

Read the whole thing: http://www.writebynight.net/writing-help/keeping-interest-rolling-releases/


  1. Hi Erica, I have enjoyed the rolling release very much. A huge issue of a journal, in our ridiculously busy lives, may be overwhelming to the point that a reader might think: “I’ll check it out over the weekend,” and end up never getting to it. But these smaller portions are much more digestible. I always read at least two of the pieces you send in their entirety, so by the time the whole issue has arrived, I’ve probably read half of it. Much more than I would have, probably, if I had received it all at once.
    I am a huge reader and supporter of literary journals, both in hard copy and e-form, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day, days in the week, etc. to read everything I want to read and even everything I ought to read.
    That’s my two cents! I say carry on with the rolling releases, I think it’s a winning strategy! And I also think it’s good for keeping Anomalous in people’s minds during what you refer to as the “dead” time in between issues.
    Great work, btw, I think it looks great from a graphic, visual standpoint, I like the editorial choices very much, and I love the fact that there are multiple formats, like kindle, which incidentally increases the likelihood of my being able to read more of it, because the subway is a major reading time for me and I can take my kindle (my kindle app on my phone these days) with me.
    Thanks for everything!

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