Anomalous 2.1

Today we launched issue 2 of Anomalous and I sort of can’t believe we got it done. My hard drive died on Sunday, and I hadn’t backed up in a few weeks, which meant that I lost almost all of the production I’d done for Anomalous. And a multi-format journal takes a LOT of production.

Anyway, a stressful Sunday got me a new hard drive, and Monday I taught, so I spent literally all day yesterday redoing the production. But I got all of our formats re-done, and though I have the nagging feeling I’m forgetting something, I’m pretty excited for this new issue.

It’s full of really interesting work. We have more translation and non-fiction, some great e-literature and multi-media poetry, and a wealth of wonderful poems and stories. We accepted submissions for this issue, so unlike our first issue many of the writers were new to me and my editors, and we delight in their discovery.

We’re trying something new, too: rolling releases. I realized that most people (myself included) don’t just sit down to read an online literary journal cover to cover. And since it’s not super portable on the web (unless you have a tablet), it made sense to encourage readers to move through the pieces a little at a time. With this in mind, our brilliant editor Shannon broke the issue (on the large side – 31 pieces by 20 contributors) into sections for bi-weekly release (as in, every other week). This, we hope, will give readers a chance to really get into the pieces that are newly released, while still seeing the issue as a whole on the web. Readers can subscribe to the bi-weekly releases by email (which comes with a little introductory note), or using our new content RSS feed.

And as always, the full issue is available for download in the multitude of formats I made yesterday: epub, Kindle, audiobook and pdf.

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