Call for Critical Writing on the Gurlesque

I don’t usually post calls for submissions on the blog, but this one is too exciting not to.


Call for Critical Writing on the Gurlesque

In the anthology Gurlesque: the new grrly, grostesque, burlesque poetics (Saturnalia, 2010),editors Lara Glenum and Arielle Greenberg gathered work from​ eighteen contemporary women poets who are “writing about and through femininity . . .brashly, playfully, provocatively, indulgently.” These poems have “unicorns inthem, and sequins, and swear words, and vomit.” Gurlesque alsoincludes eight visual artists whose work, like Gurlesque poetry, “assaults thenorms of acceptable female behavior by irreverently deploying genderstereotypes to subversive ends.”

The second edition of the anthology—​an electronic edition​ to be published by Saturnalia in 2016—will feature the next wave of Gurlesque poetry alongside examples of visual art,videos, music, and fashion that fall under the rubric of this theory.

For the second edition,the original ​editors, along with new co-editor Becca Klaver,​ seek critical writing on the Gurlesque. Submissions of previously published pieces are welcome, but the author is responsible for attaining reprint rights without fees. Essays of any style and medium are welcome, and nontraditional scholarship, video essays, and other innovative forms are encouraged.​

Please submit completed​essays (no abstracts required) ​of 500​-9,000 words by August 15,2014. If applicable, include in-text citations in MLA style and a Works Cited list. Submissions should be saved as Word documents named after the author(LastnameFirstname.doc) and sent as attachments to gurlesqueanthologyATgmailDOTcom In the body of the email, include a brief cover letter with a bio and information,if any, about where the essay has appeared previously.

Essays should directly address the Gurlesque and ​might also address, but are not limited to, the following topics:

*gender performativity
*queer theory
*critical race studies
​*performance studies
*girls’ studies
*waves of feminism
​*the Gothic​
*the grotesque
*the burlesque
*the carnivalesque
*riot grrrl
*pop culture
*visual art
​*digital culture​
*cuteness, camp, and kitsch
*capitalism, consumerism, and class​
*literary predecessors of the Gurlesque

*international Gurlesque

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