Aurora Arias (DR Books #E)

Aurora Arias (1962-) is a poet and fiction writer, and a member of the “generation of the 80s”. Vivienda de pajaros (poetry, 1986); Piano lila (poetry, 1994); Invi’s Paradise y otros relatos (short stories, 1998) and Fin de mundo y otros relatos (short stories, 2000). Her work is distinctly feminist, and rooted firmly in the urban setting of Santo Domingo (as is true for much of her movement). She is considered one of the most important and interesting writers of her generation, and has been included in a number of anthologies in both English and Spanish.


  1. Shara Spencer

    Hi! I am a scholar of Caribbean literature, especially the Dominican and Cuban. I want to add some data to the info on the Dominican author Aurora Arias. In 2007 she published a book of short stories called “Emoticons.” Several of the stories published in this collection have been translated into languages ​​like Icelandic, Bengali and francés. In the latter language was translated his story entitled “Parquecito” in an anthology published by Gallimard Publishers, France, in 2010.

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