Marcos Pérez Ramírez (PR Books #4)

Alejandría by Marcos Pérez Ramírez (Terranova, 2006).

Marcos Pérez Ramírez is a young poet, journalist, and screenwriter. He wrote the script for the 2003 documentary “Vieques en el espejo de Pánama”, which won an Emmy (and can be seen here.) His poems have been published in journals, and he was one of the Puerto Rican poets included in the Antología de la Poesía del Siglo XXI ed. Julio Ortega (on Google books here). This is his first book. And that’s really all I could find online, supporting my theory that younger poets have greater web presence but less information.

The book blurb goes something like this: “Alexandria reveals to us a series of poetic discoveries. The words here drill their own little holes in the paper and wait for you crouching, still. Marcos’s poetry surprises in its crumbling, serene landscapes and remorseless characters. Pérez Ramírez writes with visceral grace. His work is deliberate, restrained and violent.”

Skimming this book, there seem to be a few wonderful poems in here – the title poem, which was also anthologized, and some of the longer poems seem to be very rich.

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