Spam Poem #4

Over the past few weeks my spam has trebeled, at least. My husband, who writes this awesome blog, and teaches media arts and digital literacy, said to his class not too long ago: If you’re getting a lot of spam, it’s because you’re sticking your email address where it doesn’t belong. Following that innuendo, spam is the syphilis of the internet. It spreads easily through unprotected email use, and eventually makes you crazy.

So while I was trying to figure out where my email got stuck that it didn’t belong, I’ve been making good use of the spam in my Spam Poem series. Here’s the latest:

Spam Poem #4

What!?!?s new!?!?

be informed that your email appeared
among the lucky beneficiaries
of Golden Casket Lottery

so please treat this as highly
important and get back to me urgently
I am suffering from mysterious
and complicated illness

Please don’t betray the trust
I have manifest in you
claiming that you are dead

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