Down the hole Tuesday

I’ve begun an experiment in structured time. I wasn’t feeling like I was using my time well, and this year is all about making the most of the time before I go back to school, and well…I wasn’t. So since returning home from my research trip to the Dominican Republic, I’ve been imposing structure to my day, which imposes structure to the week. Tuesday, for example, is my reading blogs in the afternoon day.

I signed on to my reader to see I had just under 200 new items. Most of which I knew immediately I wasn’t going to read, since I subscribe to a few blogs for one or two bloggers when the blog posts several things a day. Far too much for me to commit to. But today was a productive reading day, and here are some cool things I came across that perhaps tomorrow during my allotted internet-browsing time I’ll check out further.

Writers No One Reads is like a literary hipster’s wet dream. If you feel the need to drop obscure world writers names into your conversations, this is a treasure trove. What’s interesting about this is that by cataloging these fallen-into-obscurity writers the blog makes the implicit assertion that someone ought to be reading these writers. It would be interesting to know why they think so…. I do appreciate the inclusion of the translators for these works.

Sixth Finch is a really nicely-designed online literary journal. Enjoyed reading the current issue.

I love the idea, and hope someone buys for me, The Official Catalog of the Library of Potential Literature (Cow Heavy Books).


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