Use Use

What is the problem with the verb use? I would really like to know who decided that use was too plain/simple/boring to be used anymore, and started the rash of other, highly upsetting jargon-y words that mean something close to use. Like utilize, for example. Can anyone give me a good reason that I should utilize a word instead of use it? Or deploy. Or employ. For example: I am currently employing my spoon to eat cereal? In what world is that acceptable? People, the English language is dizzying in its richness, this is true. But that’s no reason to willy-nilly pick synonyms from a thesaurus and switch them for perfectly appropriate simpler verbs. You deploy a bomb. You employ a worker. And utilize? Well, surprisingly there is an appropriate use for it too. According to GrammarGirl:

Surprisingly, “utilize,” a 19th-century loanword from French (8), does have very specific and valid uses, mostly in the scientific world. The word “utilize” often appears “in contexts in which a strategy is put to practical advantage or a chemical or nutrient is being taken up and used effectively” (9). For example, according to the American Heritage Guide to Contemporary Usage and Style, you might hear “utilize” properly used in a sentence such as “If a diet contains too much phosphorus, calcium is not utilized efficiently” (9).

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