New computer, new translations, new (old) city

So I got my computer fixed (love AppleCare!) but have not been diligent about writing. I think it’s because I’ve been writing so much for school, that to write additionally seems, well, pointless. But I did just finish a draft of a paper on collaborative translation, which I think will start making it’s way here. There was a phenomenal discussion on the ALTAlk yahoo groups listserv (which I now moderate also) on this process of translating from a language you don’t read fluently (or at all, really). It was incredibly useful see what the resistance to this practice is particularly, and think about how the practice functions differently than other translation practices. But don’t want to go there too deeply today, since I think the paper will be making it up there, and there will be a panel (or two!) at the next ALTA conference in Philly in October on this also.

In 12 days I’m leaving Iowa City for the year to move back to Boston. So right now it’s a mad dash to the end of the semester with finals, papers, grading, letterpress printing and packing all thrown in.

And to the new translations – I’m excited to have picked up a few new projects and authors to work on next year while I’m home and not in classes. Been in touch with the phenomenal Dominican poet José Mármol and am hoping to start working with him in selecting some poems to work on. Back in touch with the wonderful Puerto Rican poet Etnairis Rivera, who I did a book with a few years ago. Also had the great pleasure of meeting Óscar Hahn here in Iowa City while he was visiting, and am hoping that he may be able to put me in touch with some Chilean poets…maybe there’s even a trip back to Chile in there somewhere. And for prose, working on finishing the first chapter of a Puerto Rican novel by Maria Aponte Alsina and have a Cuban short story on the slate for June.

Ok, so this isn’t a journal. No one actually cares. But I had to write something, and as they say, it’s easiest (though not always most interesting) to write what you know. And I know that I have too much to do in too little time – just the way I like it!

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