Writers Resources

So I tend to gather a lot of information – mostly by spending way too much time surfing the web. But there are a couple of things that I tend to over and over again share with my other writer/translator friends. And I thought I’d put them here too, for easy reference for future sharing.

The Creative Writers Opportunities List (CRWROPPS-B) is a yahoo groups listserv that lists a lot of interesting opportunities for creative writers including contests, grants, fellowships, residencies, calls for submissions, themed issues and anthologies, calls for manuscripts and jobs. Like all yahoo groups it’s free to join, and you can set your mail preferences to receive it as individual emails or a daily digest.

It still surprises me when writers don’t know about/use Duotrope – a really great searchable database of literary journals. You can search by genre, and then sub-genres within that, style, theme, length, media, even whether they take electronic submissions. And it’s free. If that weren’t enough, if you sign up (for free) you can keep track of your own submissions in a really great submissions tracker feature. My only complaint is they don’t include translation-only markets, but to have all of this available for free I can’t really complain too much. Oh, and did I mention that you can select markets to get updates on, which means they’ll email you when your markets close or re-open for submissions. And they track market statistics, like what the average response time for a market is and what percentage of submissions are published.

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