Journal Publications


Decompose: Of Immaterial Things (, 2016)

Theories of Dark I, III, V; Brim: A Landscape (Pank 11)

“Theories of Dark 1” (The Kenyon Review)

from The Featherbone (Vanitas 6: LATINITAS, 2012)


“Helsinki,” “Guest,” “Polgrillo” by Laura Chalar (Palabras Errantes)

excerpt from The Eternonaut by Héctor G. Oesterheld, illustrated by Francisco Solano Lopez (The Iowa Review, vol. 43, n. 1, Spring 2013)

“Black Van on White Van” By Homero Aridjis (Consequence, vol. 5 iss. 1, Spring 2013)

Silent Dragon” by Rafael Acevedo (The Kenyon Review Online, Fall 2012)

Life in Flames” by Ricardo Menéndez Salmón (Words Without Borders, November 2012)

“Mirror” and “Measuring Instruments” by Rafael Acevedo (Passageways, Two Lines, October 2012).

The Christmas Tree” by Mabel Cuesta (Words Without Borders, June 2012).

from The Eternonaut (part 1; part 2) by Héctor G. Oesterheld, illustrated by Francisco Solano Lopez (Words Without Borders, January & February 2012).

From the Grave of my Grave” by José María Lima (Words Without Borders, November 2011).

Bird’s Nest” by Aurora Arias (Words Without Borders, November 2011).

2 poems by José Marmól (Words Without Borders, November 2011). Deus ex machina;Invention of the Day.

4 poems by José Marmól (Asypmtote, April 2011).

excerpt from “Tales of the Autumn in Gerona” from Tres by Roberto Bolaño (Words Without Borders, March 2010).

“Hunger” by Yasser Abdel-Latif (PEN America 12: Correspondences, 2010).

“Colors” by Aida Bahr (Zafra Lit, 7/7/2010).

“Not Without Seeing Snow” by Mabel Cuesta (Zafra Lit, 1/25/2010).

“Mantra for Mahmoud Darwish” by Jack Hirschmann (translated from French) (Human Architecture, v. 7, 2009).


(K)ink #5: Writing While Devient: Bottom:Translator/Top:Text (The Rumpus, 1/27/16) (Winner, Cynthia Slater Nonfiction Award from National Leather Association International)

“Attempts to Generate a Field of Potential Translations with Silence” (Omniverse, 12/1/2015)

Why This Book Should Win: Almost 1 Book / Almost 1 Life by Elfriede Czurda translated by Rosmarie Waldrop [BTBA 2013] (Three Percent, 4/23/2013)

Time of Sky & Castles in the Air [Why This Book Should Win the BTBA] (Three Percent, 4/11/2011)

“The Geography of Poetry: Mahmoud Darwish and Postnational Identity” (Human Architecture, v. 7, 2009)

“Testament,” Conscience, Consequence: Reflections on Father Daniel Berrigan (Arrowsmith Press, 2006)


Review of Rain of the Future by Valerie Mejer, translated by A.S. Zelman-Doring, Forrest Gander, and C.D. Wright (Omniverse, 1/1/16)

Review of False Friends by Uljana Wolf, translated by Susan Bernofsky (The Iowa Review Online, 8/23/2011)

Review of The FSG Book of Twentieth Century Latin American Poetry, edited by Ilan Stavens (Quarterly Conversation, Issue 24, 6/6/11)

Review of Praises & Offenses: Three Women Poets from the Dominican Republic, translated and edited by Judith Kerman (Quarterly Conversation, Issue 23, 3/7/2011)

Review of World’s End by Pablo Neruda, translated by Donald Walsh (Three Percent)

Review of engulf — enkindle by Anja Utler, translated by Kurt Beals (Three Percent, 2/9/2011)

Review of Birds for a Demolition by Manoel de Barros, translated by Idra Novey (Three Percent, 12/10/2010)

Review of Cipango by Tomás Harris, translated by Daniel Shapiro (Quarterly Conversation, Issue 22, 12/6/2010)

Review of Edward Hopper by Ernest Farrés, translated by Lawrence Venuti (Three Percent, 1/7/2010)

Review of Poem of the Deep Song by Federico García Lorca, translated by Ralph Angel (Zoland Poetry, vol. 2 2007 )