Jeannette Miller (DR Books #A)

So as I mentioned a few days ago, I’m supplementing the on-the-ground research and study I did in the Dominican because of the after-the-fact realization that I’d fallen into the machismo trap all too willingly. That trap that indicates that you’re not being sexist, there just aren’t any good women writers out there. I balked, resisted, researched, and have very easily found a number of wonderful contemporary Dominican women writers that I’m hoping to acquire books by soon. And here we go!

Jeannette Miller (1944-) is an important poet of the “post-war” generation of the 60s. She’s also an important art critic and novelist, and this year won the National Prize for Literature for her contribution to Dominican literary arts, the third woman to be given this award. She’s been included in many anthologies of Dominican literature (both poetry and short stories) in both English and Spanish. She wrote four books of poetry from the 60s – 80s, and since then has published significant amounts of criticism and two novels.

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