Locals' Weekend in Boston

One of the perks of living in a great city like Boston is that there is always a wealth of things to do. An overwhelming wealth. And I find that living here, I tend to not do a lot of it a lot of the time. When there’s always something interesting to do, it’s hard to get motivated to get out and do it. That’s why I love having friends come to visit – it gets me off my couch, off my computer and into the city. This past weekend, my husband’s best friend was in town for his birthday and we had such a successful weekend adventure that I’m compelled to share it.

Our friend arrived Friday afternoon, so we had a relaxed afternoon at the apartment and dinner at home, since we’d just gotten a ton of fresh veggies from our friend’s CSA share. Then we walked to the Phoenix Landing in Central Square for “Pretty Little Things,” their 80s and Top 40 dance night. It’s probably the best 80s night in town, though the DJ blew his load a little too early with Billie Jean and Holiday, and then as the night went on got more into the contemporary dance stuff. I love me some Lady Gaga, but could leave the Katy Perry any day. Had a blast anyway, and even got the guys dancing with me.

Saturday we were a tad hung-over, so got a late start with a fantastic brunch at our favorite place, the Neighborhood Restaurant in Union Square. It was a half-hour wait for seating on their grapevine-trellised patio, which is the only seating open during the summer, but well worth it. Their breakfast specials can’t be beat for quality or quantity (the regular menu is great too). This time: pumpkin cinnamon pancakes that came with scrambled eggs, home fries, sausage, toast, OJ, coffee and cream of wheat. You get a choice between cream of wheat and fruit, and I think their cream of wheat is magical – I normally hate the stuff, but this is amazing. Then we grabbed the car and went up to Wilmington to the Shriner’s Auditorium to see the first in the Boston Derby Dames Hometeam Playoffs. For the first bout, the undefeated Wicked Pissahs beat the Maine Port Authority, and in the main event the Cosmonaughties won the Golden Fez against the Nutcrackers. Despite the 40-minute wait for the EMTs to arrive before they could start, it was a killer event. Had we been up for more drinking, we would have then headed to Lord Hobo for some incredible martinis. Instead, we were wiped (and possibly still hung over) so watched a sci-fi/romance movie called The Timer at home. I’ve learned it’s a good thing to have down-time.

Sunday we were back on the game, and started with a home-cooked breakfast. Then to the Somerville Theatre in Davis Square, an old playhouse-turned-movie theatre, to see Inception. It was awesome. And to double our fun, the reason we went there is not only can you get beer and wine at the theatre, but also the Museum of Bad Art (founded in 1993) has expanded from its Dedham location to the basement of the Somerville Theatre! Entrance with any movie or show ticket. Truly, “Art too bad to be ignored.” Then we walked to Harvard Square for dinner and drinks at Russell House Tavern. The food was good, and the drinks, spectacular. I hadn’t been before, and tried two of their special mixed drinks, the names of which escape me, but they were phenomenal. Some of the more interesting specialty drinks I’ve tried in a long time. We finished our evening with a trip to Finale for dessert. I’m always torn between the creme bruleé and the Molten Chocolate, so I convinced my husband to get the chocolate and I got the bruleé, which comes with a selection of fresh fruits in case the soup-bowl full of creme isn’t enough. We sipped some port, enjoyed the summer evening on the patio, and congratulated ourselves on a weekend well-done in Boston.

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